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Automation Use Cases

HyprEdge's HyprFlow and Search Capabilities lets organizations automate pretty much anything - all while reducing the data transfer costs.

Streamline and operationalize your critical Security tasks

HyprEdge, designed specifically for enterprise customers, is a solution that prioritizes automation, Federated Search and Action capabilities for all the tools that they use. Its powerful, flexible, and robust capabilities make it an ideal choice for running critical Security workflows within each fusion team.

Don't let your Automation strategy be Siloed and Fragmented.

Define your Digital First business outcomes first followed by Automation strategy and finally use your current tools and/or add new tools that meets this strategy and goals

Edge Optimized Automation Platform that works with all the Security & IT tools that you own

HyprEdge platform is built to scale and its patent pending technology lets you extend the capabilities of your current tools. Don't have to depend on pre-built Integrations and you can write your own integration in minutes.

Identity & Access Management

The Problem
Collecting and retaining user login/logout data and other related activities can result in a significant amount of data. The current trend of API-driven interactions between systems and products has made managing this data impractical due to its associated costs.Products such as XDR and SIEM require real-time monitoring of user activities, while audit data needs to be stored with restricted access to meet compliance regulations. Moving both of these data sets out of a cloud provider can be expensive.

The Solution
HyprEdge offers a solution to store audit logs in your own cloud storage with restricted access, enabling compliance proof. The tool provides real-time and historical search results, allowing for quick action and automation workflows to handle cases without exhausting resources. Additionally, the transfer of data for user activities can be reduced significantly based on downstream system needs.

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

The Problem
Cloud Security Posture Management tools continuously monitor configurations to reduce risk, maintain compliance, and aid in mitigating misconfiguration effects. Resolving identified issues can be resource-intensive and require detailed management. As cloud infrastructure changes constantly, finding misconfigurations is an ongoing process that becomes more frequent with increased cloud adoption. Key players like Orca, Wiz, and Lacework use AI/ML to detect threats but require customers to send data to their cloud, increasing overall cost to the customer.

The Solution
HyprEdge can help reduce the cost of CSPM products by filtering at the API level. It has the potential to make these solutions edge-aware and trigger automated workflows upon security posture findings on IaaS and PaaS solutions. Additionally, it can enrich findings with data from other systems, create interactive workflows using tools like Slack and Jira, remediate findings by applying policies to resources and integrating remediation actions with CI/CD and DevOps pipelines.

Compose Zero Trust

The Problem
Traditional network-centric security models are no longer effective in today's dynamic threat landscape, as they assume trust within the network perimeter. This creates vulnerabilities and limits visibility and control over user activities.

The Solution
Embracing a Zero Trust approach coupled with automation enables continuous verification and validation of user identities, devices, and access requests. HyprFlows  streamlines authentication, authorization, and policy enforcement, ensuring that only authenticated and authorized users gain access to resources, regardless of their location. This enhances security, minimizes risk, and improves overall visibility and control within the organization.

Data Security Posture Management (DSPM)

The Problem
Managing and protecting data stored across diverse platforms and systems poses significant challenges for organizations. Lack of visibility, control, and standardized policies leads to data leakage risks, compliance issues, and operational inefficiencies.

The Solution
Leveraging Data Security and Privacy Management (DSPM) with HyprEdge's platform provides a centralized approach to data protection. Automation enables consistent policy enforcement, real-time monitoring, and rapid response to potential threats or policy violations. This improves data visibility, reduces risks, ensures compliance, and enhances operational efficiency, ultimately safeguarding sensitive data across the organization.

Vulnerability Management

The Problem
Traditional vulnerability management approaches struggle to keep pace with the increasing number and complexity of security vulnerabilities, leading to delayed identification, prioritization, and remediation of critical vulnerabilities. Manual processes hinder efficiency and leave organizations exposed to potential exploits.

The Solution
ImplementHyprEdge's automated vulnerability management workflows to enable continuous scan, detection, and assess vulnerabilities across all assets in the organization. Automation streamlines the identification, prioritization, and remediation processes, allowing for faster response times and reducing the window of exposure. This ensures proactive vulnerability management, strengthens security postures, and minimizes the risk of successful attacks.

Threat Intel from Distributed Data Sources

The Problem
Managing and responding to security alerts from multiple threat intelligence sources is challenging due to false positives, disjointed processes, and the need for manual coordination, resulting in delayed response times and increased noise.

The Solution
By implementing HyprEdge automation, organizations can enrich alerts with context, reducing false positives and integrating with case management systems for efficient response. HyprFlows enables the alignment of processes and procedures, accelerating threat hunting workflows and filtering through the noise using adaptable workflow interfaces. Additionally, automating EDR, XDR, and SIEM allows for distributed search efforts and triggers search processes across various infrastructure components, aiding in the identification of further events and evidence. Collaboration is enhanced through team-based threat hunting, leveraging automation to automate investigations swiftly, while minimizing manual dependencies and enabling immediate responses to threats - All this with super-optimized data transfer reduction using HyprEdge's core Edge Aware Automation capability.

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