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Federated Search Use Cases

Automation alone may not be sufficient to protect against an ongoing attack.

HyprEdge's Federated Search and Action capability lets you handle critical situations manually by looking for vulnerabilities, threats and take necessary actions. Manage confidential information and ensure compliance.

Real time management of critical security and compliance needs a different approach

Edge Optimized Federated Search + Actions that work with all the tools that you own and lets you manage your security and compliance.

Search for Assets impacted due to a Critical Vulnerability (e.g. Log4jshell) and take control

The Problem

Managing Vulnerabilities is tough for organizations and it is about time when one of those unpatched vulnerability gets exploited. Practically, it is not possible to deploy patches for all open vulnerabilities and Vulnerability Programs try to keep up as. much as possible. Once a critical vulnerability gets exploited, security teams need capabilities beyond current tools that gets them what they need.

The Solution
HyprEdge Federated Search not only provides you visibility for any artifact (user, files, IP, hashes, CVEs, containers, images etc.) across distributed Apps in hybrid cloud and on-premise but also ensures the context of search is maintained to further drill down and investigate. A single click action can be performed to remediate and on top of all this, you can convert all these manual steps into a workflow for future cases.

Document and Content Retrieval

The Problem
Organizations face challenges in efficiently searching and retrieving documents, files, and content scattered across various repositories, file systems, and databases. This results in time-consuming manual searches, reduced productivity, and potential information silos.

The Solution
HyprEdge addresses this problem by offering a Federated Search and Action Capability. It allows users to seamlessly search and retrieve documents, files, and content from multiple sources, including repositories, file systems, and databases that are spread across different cloud and on-premise infrastructures through a single unified interface.  Furthermore, it enables users to take immediate actions directly from the search results, such as editing, sharing, or moving documents, enhancing productivity and collaboration across the organization.

Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

The Problem

Organizations encounter challenges in meeting compliance requirements and adhering to industry regulations and data privacy laws. They struggle to quickly locate and retrieve relevant information needed for audits, legal discovery, and data governance, resulting in potential compliance violations, legal risks, and reputational damage.

The Solution
HyprEdge's Federated Search and Action Capability offers a solution to this problem by providing robust search capabilities tailored for compliance and regulatory requirements. It enables organizations to efficiently search and retrieve relevant information across diverse data sources and repositories, ensuring quick access to necessary data for audits, legal discovery, and data governance purposes. HyprEdge's advanced Edge Optimized Search  ensure accurate and comprehensive results, while its unified interface simplifies the search process. Additionally, the ability to take actions directly from search results, such as tagging or redacting sensitive information, aids in data management and compliance. With HyprEdge, organizations can effectively meet compliance obligations, mitigate risks, and maintain regulatory compliance with ease.

Unified  Communication and Collaboration to deliver Security outcomes

The Problem
Organizations struggle with fragmented communication and collaboration tools, leading to difficulties in searching and accessing Security information across various platforms such as emails, chats, shared documents, and collaboration tools. This results in inefficient security workflows, information silos, and reduced productivity.

The Solution
HyprEdge's Federated Search and Action Capability offers a solution by seamlessly integrating with communication and collaboration tools, providing a unified search experience across multiple platforms. It enables users to search and retrieve security information from emails, chats, shared documents, and other collaboration platforms through a single interface. HyprEdge ensures swift and accurate results, improving productivity and streamlining workflows. Additionally, the capability to take actions directly from search results, such as responding to emails or sharing documents, enhances collaboration and accelerates decision-making. With HyprEdge, organizations can foster unified communication and collaboration, break down information barriers, and optimize productivity across their teams to achieve security outcomes.

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