HyprEdge platform is built to cater any Security and IT use case as long as your tool of choice has API(s). Developer Portal lets you Integrate a new or custom application in just few minutes.

Unlock the full potential of your Security automation strategy without being constrained by data transaction and storage costs.

HyprEdge's Edge Optimized approach reduce the data transactions by multifold among applications that are deployed in Hybrid Cloud and on-premise infrastructure.

Automate Anything and Everything

HyprEdge platform lets you automate any task or workflow without worrying about the data transfer costs. You do not have to depend on pre-built Integrations and you can write your own integration in minutes.

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Query Anything with Federate Search

HyprEdge's Federated Search enables you to query for any artifact such as files, users, container, images etc. that are spread across Applications deployed in your on-premise and hybrid cloud infrastructure - all with absolutely no data transfer out of the Edge where App is deployed!

Take Actions on Searched Items - Remediation at its best!

Industry's first platform that lets you query for artifacts in your hybrid environment AND lets you take federated actions on the search result - all while search results are kept in the same Cloud Edge thus reducing the data transfer cost!

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