Connect Apps Without writing a single line of code

Create Edge Optimized Apps using powerful HyprEdge Developer Portal

Define your Digital First business outcomes first followed by Automation strategy and finally use your current tools and/or add new tools that meets this strategy and goals

Simple 3 step process takes less than 5 mins to create and start using the capabilities of an App

HyprEdge platform is built to scale and its patented technology lets you extend the capabilities of your current tools. Don't have to depend on pre-built Integrations and you can write your own integration in minutes.


Select Authentication Method

Select the Auth type that the App supports


Configure Actions, Triggers, Artifacts

Select one or more Actions, Triggers, Artifacts


Test & Publish

Test your App right within the console and Publish once test is successful.

Change the way you think about Digital First Strategy.

Make Automation first class citizen aligned with Company level Business Outcomes
HyprEdge Platform is designed to seamlessly work with your existing tools
Fusion Teams Creates their Biz Outcomes for their individual Units
Fusion Team admins manage their workflows in HyprEdge to achieve Operational Excellence
Fusion Team chooses the tools of their choice to achieve goals
Federated Search and Actions enables you to take care of urgent situations and those manual steps can be converted into workflows

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