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The Team has delivered continuous value to 40,000 Enterprise customers with industry's first Security Orchestration platform and now bringing the world class Automation platform built over the extensive experience.

Sumant Vashisth
Pramod Sharma
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Sudeep Das

Welcome to becoming a Digital-1st Business

The era has arrived of leading with digital technologies to fundamentally change the way your company delivers value. The journey forward will involve the integration of digital technologies into all aspects of your organization operations, including business processes, customer interactions, employee productivity, and organizational culture, to drive innovation and competitive advantage. This Digital Transformation journey requires strategic planning, leadership commitment, and agile execution to adapt and capitalize on new opportunities.  Pursuit of transforming your company into a Digital-1st business is a crucial moment in every industry and the current operating environment. Done right, it offers an opportunity for companies to lay the path for sustained growth in the long term.

Automation without Digital Transformation, but no Digital Transformation without Automation

Automation is cited as one of the elements of the DigitalTransformation strategy. While many organizations do set goals and metrics for it, the actual planning for automation is often pursued at a later stage or worse, kept as an independent silo’ed activity to drive efficiency. As a result, the automation initiatives start off with restrictions of force fitting in with existing applications and processes already in place and trying to make them better and new technology investments retain these constraints as requirements. While this approach moves your business along and the current automation tools aid with this approach, it will not yield needle moving results that would be anticipated from Digital Transformation. Digital transformation that most board members and investors are deeply invested in requires a significant shift in strategy and selection of technologies that provide a meaningful ROI.

Adaptive Automation led Cyber

HyprEdge was formed on the core belief that organizations pursuing Digital Transformation should have automation not just as part of the strategy, and instead should lead with Automation while devising the strategy and converting it to an operational plan for execution. HyprEdge has been architected for the Digital First business and with a mission of Automating Business Outcomes. How you ask?

Define your Security Automation Workflows (Hyprflows) independent of the Applications in use within your organization and instead start by laying out the outcome that needs to be achieved. Automating processes and job tasks remains just as easy as it always was and gets further elevated by exposing new opportunities to automate.Using this spec-based approach in creating workflows helps you identify any gaps or limitation that may be critical for your business to address in the short or long term.

Show case outcomes along the Cyber Resiliency journey that highlight significant results. Hyprflows helps keep your focus on the long-term goal if any adjustments were made for the short-term constraints and provides crucial insights in the decision-making process of selecting Security technologies that don’t just fill a gap, but add value to your business.

Connect all your Security & IT applications independent of their deployment model or location, be it across multiple public cloud providers, your private cloud or on-premise infrastructure.As you pursue Cyber Resilience, new products, cloud services, tools and applications are being spun up across your organization. HyprEdge binds these Security & IT applications at their respective location – the Edge - providing an overall value much greater by harnessing the power from each application.

For the first time, bring Search as a core capability of your workflow automation providing the ability to find artifacts and data stored across all your Security & IT applications, often as multiple copies. Your automation is no longer limited to what is known and making best use of it to improve efficiency and instead starts leading you to what is possible. The ‘it would have been nice if’ thought can now be pursued to become a reality.

Your automated actions remain intact to deliver the outcome even if you switch your  tools and technologies. Coupled with federated search, automated actions now become a force multiplier in making your business adaptive and decisive.

Automation led Cyber Resilience will create values for individuals and fusion teams tasked with delivering outcomes for the business. While process and task automation will continue provide benefits, the true potential of our automation technology is in empowering people to innovate and build better products and services that makes their contribution immediate, direct and measurable to the overall business value.

Automation led Cyber Resilience sets up the future of human and machine partnership in a Digital First business era.

What we do

We are driven by a shared passion for resolving customer and user challenges, creating solutions that directly enhance their experience.

As a united team, we empower one another, leveraging our individual areas of expertise. Our collaborative efforts have yielded numerous platform technologies, successfully implemented in both on-premise and Cloud environments. These innovations have garnered widespread adoption, serving thousands of enterprise customers, with some products deployed on over 70 million endpoints.